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Waso Experience Plan

Waso Plan 3000 JPY

Waso Plan Within an authentic Japanese atmosphere you can experience the wearing of a traditional Japanese Kimono, dressed by a profesional in the art of Kimono wearing.
It is a great memory to have, and is very popular with tourists wanting to experience traditional Japanese culture.
Included within the fee is a photographic memoire of your Waso experience.

Package includes: Kimono + Photo.

Waso + Tea Ceremony 3800 JPY

Waso Plan02 Experience the wearing of the Kimono as well as indulging in a tradtional Japanese tea ceremony.
Photo and tea included within the package.

Package includes: Kimono + Photo + Tea

Waso + Temple Walk 5000 JPY

Waso Plan03 Dressed in a traditonal Japanese kimono, you can walk from the Ryokan to a local temple to experience the beautiful vista of the temple and embrace Japanese culture.
Half day temple sight seeing experience. -
A map of the walking route is supplied, and is easy to understand.
Click here for the map;

Package includes: Kimono + Photo + Temple Walk

Waso + Tea Ceremony + Temple Walk 5500 JPY

Waso Plan04An all-in-one package for a total traditonal Japanese experience.
Includes kimono wearing, photo, tea ceremony and a temple walk around.
A guide is also included within this package, also helping with local shopping and culteral information.
Click here for the map;

Package includes: Kimono + Photo + Tea ceremony + Temple walk around.

Stages of the tradtional Kimono dressing

Under garment

Under garment

大阪(尼崎) Second layer under garment

Second layer under garment

大阪(尼崎) Kimono


大阪(尼崎) Obi


大阪(尼崎) Complete Kimono

Complete Kimono

大阪(尼崎) Walk around

Walk around

大阪(尼崎) 100 year old Kimono shop with guide

100 year old Kimono shop with guide

大阪(尼崎) Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony

Guide of plan

Packages available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays beginning at 10AM at the Takeyaso Ryokan.
Packages available on Sundays beginning at 0PM at the Takeyaso Ryokan.
For contact information please call Kumiko (traditonal Japanese Kimono dresser) on 090-736-19926. Bookings are essential.
*Guests only is available.


Kitsuke-shi, Kumiko Higuchi

Waso Plan

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